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Cosmetic Gynaecology


Cosmetic gynaecology is no longer viewed as simply getting a so-called “designer vagina”. The taboo surrounding this increasingly popular sub-speciality of gynaecology is slowly beginning to erode, opening up the path for thousands of women to openly and freely talk about issues concerning their most intimate area of the body.

Many women endure unnecessary levels of pain and discomfort during sex, when participating in sports or when wearing tight-fitting clothes. Aesthetic gynaecology aims to tackle these issues and with simple, straightforward gynaecological procedures we can correct fundamental changes brought on by natural events such as ageing and childbirth.

Our experienced team of cosmetic surgeons are trained to deal with your concerns with discretion and empathy. We offer a full range of cosmetic gynaecology treatments, addressing both medical and aesthetic issues. This includes labiaplasty to reshape and reduce the size of the labia, as well as vaginal tightening procedures (aka reconstructive vaginoplasty) to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and the vagina.

Our cosmetic gynaecological treatments can be performed as day case surgery, with little downtime and a single procedure can eradicate pain and discomfort. Book an initial consultation today to understand how you can improve your quality of life and get back the confidence you deserve.

Cosmetic Gynaecology



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