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Ear Treatments

Genetics play a large role in determining the shape and size of our ears. This not only leads to the obvious variation from person to person but also in variation between the left and right sides of an individual’s ears.  Insecurities concerning large, prominent or protruding ears can develop as a result of playground bullying and lead to long-term issues of low confidence and poor self-esteem. Moreover, physical deformities caused by body jewellery, physical injury or trauma, as well as congenital deformities, can also be reasons for wanting to change the appearance of your ears with an ear treatment.

Our team of specialists can work to reshape, restructure and reconstruct the ear and the earlobe, using both surgical and non-surgical techniques. Otoplasty, the correction of the appearance of the outer earlobe, as well as non-surgical ear fold implants are popular ear treatments that aim to bring symmetry to the face and reduce the appearance of protruding ears.

Ear reshaping surgery does not affect the function of the ear and when performed under the right level of expertise, corrective ear surgery provide life-changing results.




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