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Fat Sculpting

Sculpting the human body has been a meticulous art form throughout the ages. With the evolution of fat removal techniques, this art form has now been brought to the field of cosmetic medicine.

Non-invasive techniques, such as ultrasound assisted removal of fat cells (HIFU or Vaso Lipo), or freezing techniques, such as Cool Sculpting, have increased the appeal and accessibility of liposuction.

However, fat removal techniques are no longer about simply removing subcutaneous fat from problematic areas. Fat Liposculpture, takes liposuction to an advanced level. By selectively removing fat from one area of the body, whilst leaving it or repurposing it to another, surgeons can reveal and enhance naturally curvaceous, muscular or athletic features.

Body fat sculpting is an art form that involves a combination of surgical skill and finesse, with the use of advanced technology and research. The meticulous manipulation of light and shadows across the body can create aesthetically pleasing peaks and troughs, yielding visually stunning results.

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Body Fat Sculpting


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