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Hair Treatments

Body hair can be a sensitive source of embarrassment and discomfort for millions of men and women of all ages.

Whilst some may have too much of it in areas they would rather appear hair-free, others suffer from having too little of it and are battling hair loss and thinning. Now, thanks to the advancement of modern technology and regenerative medicine, there is no need to unnecessarily suffer from hair loss and baldness or excess hair. An excess hair treatment provided by NEO Health Clinic is laser hair removal.

A great deal of treatments on the market promise to combat hair loss, but over-the-counter medications only slow down the thinning of hair at best.

The most reliable, resilient and effective form of hair loss treatment is hair restoration surgery. From advanced, minimally invasive FUT/FUE hair restoration surgeries to the latest PRP regenerative therapies, our hair loss clinic can effectively stimulate hair regrowth and slow or stop the advancement of hair loss.

Hair loss treatment plans will often include non surgical treatments such as PRP growth factor injections, for which there is mounting evidence of effectiveness. New state of the are micropigmentation techniques can also be used to augment the effects of medical therapies.

Whether you are only just spotting the early signs of hair thinning and want preventive advice or are experiencing advanced baldness or alopecia, our hair loss treatments clinic is handled by highly skilled, sensitive hair loss specialists who offer a comprehensive range of treatments. They will work with you on a one-to-one basis to tailor an individualised treatment plan, determining the best approach to your hair loss problems. Contact us now to arrange a confidential hair loss consultation.




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