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Earfold Implant – Non Surgical Ear Pinning

Prominent and protruding ears can have a significant impact on quality of life. Although not a life-threatening condition, the psychological effects of self-image are just as important when it comes to your mental health. A negative body image can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and social avoidance. In previous years, the only corrective measure for prominent ears involved surgery that brought with it general anaesthetic, extensive recovery time and a full head bandage. Now, thanks to pioneering research from a London University Hospital, the Earfold implant provides a non-surgical ear pinning alternative to correct aesthetically displeasing, atypical ears. By placing a small, curved implant under the skin of the ear, a new fold can be made, decreasing the protrusion of the ears. Patients can see life-changing results from a simple procedure which typically takes less than one hour.

What is The Earfold Implant?

The Earfold implant provides a simple, yet innovative way to predictably and reliably correct prominent and protruding ears. In contrast to other ear pinning procedures, such as Pinnaplasty, Earfold implants do not require surgery and are inserted using a minimally invasive technique. Results are permanent but can be easily reversed by simply removing the implants.

How Does The Earfold Implant Work?

In most patients with prominent ears, what is known as the antihelical fold of the ear is either under-developed or completely missing. The Earfold implant works by effectively creating or enhancing this fold of the ear. A pocket is created beneath the skin and the implant is clipped to the surface of the cartilage. The predefined tension of the implant then bends the ear to a certain degree, reducing the prominence of the outer edge of the upper ear and bringing it closer to the head. However, not everyone is suited to Earfold and you may require more conventional forms of treatment. A consultation with one of our experts will advise you regarding your appropriateness for the procedure.

Does Non Surgical Ear Pinning Hurt?

The insertion of the Earfold implant takes place under local anaesthetic and no pain is felt during the procedure. Any pain or discomfort experienced after can be managed with painkillers and typically subsides within 24-48 hours. With just discrete strip plasters on the ear during the healing phase, most patients will find they are able to continue their regular level of activity shortly after the procedure.

Sensitivity may be felt during sleep, when prolonged pressure is applied to the area of the ear, and in rare incidences, skin irritation or infection at the implantation site can occur. When handled by a well-trained professional, however, complications are rare. Your expert consultant will discuss all risks of the procedure with you during your initial consultation.

Why Should I Choose An Earfold Implant Over Other Ear Corrective Techniques?

With a significantly reduced recovery period and limited scarring, the Earfold implant offers a level of discreteness not met with standard ear corrective surgeries.

In addition, unlike most other cosmetic procedures, the expected results can be visualised before the treatment takes place, with the use of “Prefold positioners”. The Prefold positioner will be identical in shape, size and elasticity to the Earfold implant that will be used. They sit on the outer layer of the skin and show how the prominence of the ear can expect to be reduced should the implant be used. The Prefold positioner can be used to make adjustments to the angle, the position and the orientation of the implant to achieve the perfect ear correction results.

How Long Will I Wear An Earfold Implant For?

An Earfold implant is a permanent device that sits beneath the surface of the skin in your ear. They are made of titanium-nickel alloy, the same that is used for dental or hip implants and are well tolerated by the body.

Removal of the implant is, however, possible and if removed, your ears will return to their previous positioning, with no permanent effects. In these cases, or if you are not satisfied with the effect after testing out Prefold positioners, other surgical ear corrective routes, such as Pinnaplasty or Otoplasty, may be more suitable.

Procedure Overview

  • Non-surgical correction of prominent and protruding ears
  • Hypoallergenic implant suitable for permanent, long term use
  • Ear correction without the need for any head bandages or extensive recovery wear
  • “Lunchtime Procedure” typically lasting less than one hour
  • Preview expected results before procedure with Prefold Positioners
  • Performed by highly skilled specialists in plastic surgery

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