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Laser Face Lift

The Endolift uses innovative laser technology to combine skin rejuvenation, facial contouring and laser lifting in a single procedure. As we age, a gradual reduction in collagen and elastin fibres of the deeper tissue layers results in loose sagging skin, a loss of volume and a general aged appearance. This sagging of skin of the face, chin, neck and under the eyes can now be successfully tightened and lifted without the need for invasive surgery. There is minimal swelling and Results are seen very soon after the swelling subsides.


What Is The Endolift?

The Endolift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses cutting-edge laser technology to tighten and lift sagging, aged skin. The effects reach both deep and superficial layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production whilst also reducing excess fatty tissue.

Endolift provides a more advanced lift than fillers alone can achieve and can be considered to be the next step before patients choose to undergo invasive surgical facelift procedures.


How Does A Laser Lift Work?

Specially designed, hair-thin optical fibres are inserted just under the surface of the skin into the hypodermis. These fibres deliver pre-set laser energy to create micro-tunnels within the treated area.

The laser-induced selective heat applied during the procedure melts fat cells, which flow out of the microscopic entry holes. This causes immediate skin retraction, resulting in the tightening effect seen soon after treatment and drastically reducing the appearance of skin laxity.

The laser procedure also triggers the stimulation of collagen production, meaning that the skin’s appearance will continue to improve for months after the treatment.


Does The Endolift Hurt?

Endolift uses hair-thin laser optical fibres, which can be inserted with only a small puncture. There is no need for general anaesthetic or sutures. It is common for the treated area to appear red and swell slightly shortly after the treatment, but this does not usually last more than a few hours.

A local anaesthetic will be applied during the procedure to minimise discomfort. Since Endolift is a minimally invasive procedure, patients are able to leave the clinic shortly after with little discomfort.


What Areas Can The Endolift Treat?

The lasers used in the treatment are highly customisable, which means that various areas can be treated simultaneously, and multiple problems can be addressed.

The treatment is most commonly used across four zones of the face within which the neck, jowls and under the chin, nasolabial folds and lower eyelids are included. Each zone is treated separately and takes about 45 minutes to complete. In some cases, two treatment zones can be treated simutaneously.

Endolift can also be beneficial for stubborn skin and fat accumulations in other areas of the body, such as the inner arm, abdomen, inner thigh, knee and ankle. It can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


When Can I Expect To See The Results?

Endolift is one of the few minimally invasive procedures with an immediate rejuvenating and skin tightening effect. Over the course of a few weeks, the body begins to produce collagen naturally in the deep layers of the skin. As mentioned above, this will continue to build up over the following 6-12 months and improve the appearance of the skin long after the procedure.

Endolift can be repeated multiple times to provide a continuous improvement in skin health. It is not usually necessary to repeat the treatment, but occasionally, factors such as a patient’s age, gender and prior skin health can mean that the results are not what they had imagined. This can be rectified almost immediately, as the procedure can be repeated without the need for a long wait between treatments.


What Aftercare Is Necessary After Endolift?

There is no specific aftercare required for Endolift.

One of its greatest advantages is a quick recovery rate. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, no bandages are required after Endolift, and you can usually return to your normal daily activities the same day.

Any discomfort experienced directly following the procedure will typically disappear within 48 hours and is controllable using over-the-counter pain medication.


Are There Any Risks Involved?

The Endolift laser light treatment is one of the safest procedures in aesthetic medicine.

There are very few cases in which a pre-existing condition such as an autoimmune disease or skin infection would interfere with the treatment. A practitioner should also make a note of any allergies or intolerances to the local anaesthetic used.

Any minor risks such as these will be thoroughly examined and assessed during your initial consultation prior to the procedure.

It is not recommended to perform the procedure on pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Who Can Benefit From Endolift?

A laser beam treatment such as Endolift is best used to treat sagging and ageing skin. Skin sags when the soft tissues of the face and neck become lax over time as a result of sun exposure, age and sometimes simply genetics. Facial muscles also become weaker, meaning that there is a lack of structural support for skin and fat in the face. Endolift’s efficient methods of skin tightening can dramatically reverse the effects of this.

The procedure can be performed on all skin types and age groups. However, those with advanced sagging of the skin may require more specific surgery to see visible results in affected areas.


Why Should I Choose Endolift Over A Surgical Procedure?

Although it is a minimally invasive laser procedure, Endolift offers all the benefits of a surgical facelift. This is thanks to advanced medical and technological research focusing on ways to achieve the results of a surgical lifting procedure without the downsides associated with surgery.

The Endolift laser treatment also has the advantage of being significantly less expensive than traditional cosmetic surgery. This also means that, if necessary, it is easy to justify a second treatment to ensure that fat reduction and skin laxity in the face is sufficiently addressed.

Unlike invasive surgical procedures, Endolift does require surgical incisions and, as such, does not scar the skin. This is especially beneficial for ageing skin, which may take longer to heal.

Procedure Overview

• Safe, effective skin tightening procedure with immediate results

• Innovative technology with no incisions or general anaesthetic required

• “Lunchtime Lift” outpatient treatment with minimal recovery time

• Combination treatments with additional skin rejuvenating procedures possible

• Effective lifting results for those wishing to avoid invasive surgery

• Performed by specialists in plastic surgery, dermatology or oculoplastics

"I have had the two treatments of Profhilo as recommended and I have been delighted with the results. I will definitely be retuning for a booster treatment when necessary."

"I recently attended NEO Health for a Fire and Ice facial, the service I received was great from start to finish and all steps were explained prior to going ahead. The facial itself was very relaxing and took place within a lovely environment. Keep up the good work! "

"My skin felt great after the facial. It was hydrated and glowing and the texture of my skin also seemed to have improved. The facial itself was very relaxing and soothing! "


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