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Many patients undergo labia reconstruction for cosmetic or functional corrections. Those experiencing chafing and discomfort when playing sports, during sexual intercourse, or from wearing tight-fitting clothing, may find relief from labial reduction. If you are more concerned about vaginal looseness or laxity, you may be better suited to vaginal tightening procedures.


What Is Labiaplasty?

Labial reduction is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure that can relieve inflammation and irritation caused by protruding labia minora (excluding labia majora/outer lips). During this vaginal rejuvenation surgical procedure, the labia minora are resized and reshaped by cutting away surplus tissue with a scalpel or laser. This is then sutured with fine, dissolvable stiches, leaving minimal scarring.

How Long Does A Labiaplasty Procedure Take?

Labiaplasty surgery typically takes 1-2 hours and can be performed as a simple outpatient procedure. It is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning local anaesthetic is usually sufficient, reducing the downtime of procedure, but sedation or general anaesthetic are possible options too.

What Is A Designer Vagina?

A “designer vagina” is a medically incorrect term that is used to collectively describe the procedures involved in cosmetic gynaecology. It’s use undermines the significance of labia reconstruction, as it suggests the procedure is purely used for superficial or aesthetic reasons. However, labiaplasty and other types of vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal reconstructive surgical procedures are performed on women who suffer greatly from daily levels of stress.

Pain, both physically and mentally, due to the shape, size and positioning of the labia minora and the gravity of these medical issues needs to be addressed. Steering away from using the term “designer vagina”, and instead using the correct, technical terminology that describes the individual medical procedures, serves to highlight the seriousness of the issues a woman may face regarding the genitalia.

Who Is Suitable For Labiaplasty?

Suitable candidates for labiaplasty include patients who are fit and healthy, with realistic expectations of what labia reconstruction can achieve. It is important to remember that looking different to what you see in the media is perfectly ok. What is not normal, and something nobody should have to put up with, is if part of your genital area is causing you daily pain and discomfort.

The rising popularity in pubic hair removal has made women more aware of how their genitalia look and feel. If the physical appearance of your genitals is causing psychological stress and leading to anxiety and depression, it is also important to seek medical advice about your treatment options from a trained expert.

What is the recovery from a labiaplasty?

The surgery is usually performed as a daycase meaning that you can go home on the same day. Patients are advised to take two weeks off from work, although if you work from home, you may be able to return sooner. It’s normal to have soreness, bruising and swelling which can last up to two weeks. You may also find sitting and going to the toilet uncomfortable and will be given painkillers to take. It is important to keep the area clean and to wear loose underwear and clothes to prevent rubbing. Sex should be avoided for 6 weeks and physical activity for 6-12 weeks.

What are the risks of a labiaplasty?

The labia usually heal very well following surgery, although there is a risk of bleeding and infection as with any surgery. Rarely, patients are troubled by visible scarring or asymmetry. There is a small risk of reduced sensitivity or pain with sex.

Book an initial consultation to engage in a confidential, honest discussion with our discrete consultants about what treatments options are right for you.

Labiaplasty Procedure Overview

  • Non-invasive outpatient procedure to decrease the size of the inner labia/inner lips
  • Eliminate the irritation, inflammation, pain and discomfort caused by excess skin
  • Typical procedure takes 1-2 hours
  • Combination treatments including other vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty are possible
  • Discrete consultations, performed by specialist consultant in plastic surgery

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