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Lip Lift

For those looking for a permanent solution for a fuller, more defined upper lip, lip filler is a popular choice. Previously performed almost exclusively on older patients to counteract the sagging effect of the skin between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift is now increasingly popular with younger patients, often as early as in their twenties.

By physically reducing the length of the space between the top lip and the nose, patients can expect to see a permanent elevation and enhancement of the upper lip, giving the upper lip grove added definition and resulting in contoured lines and an overall shapelier pout.


What Is A Lip Lift Procedure?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the philtrum, the space between the nose and top of the upper lip, by surgically removing a strategically selected section of the skin and tissue of this area. It can result in a permanently enhanced upper lip, whilst simultaneously reducing the sagging of the skin in this area, a common effect of ageing.

A corner liplift can also be performed at the further edges of the mouth to raise sagging, drooped corners, thus enhancing and boosting your smile.

What are the Benefits of a Surgical Liplift Procedure?

Larger, fuller lips and a reduced distance between the nose and the upper lip are the main benefits of a lip lift procedure. Lengthening of the skin in the area naturally occurs with age, as elasticity and tightness in the skin are lost. Restoring this elasticity can have a rejuvenating effect, reversing the tell-tale signs of ageing and enhancing your smile.

The temporary nature of lip fillers also means regular applications are needed for long-term results. For those who are simply tired of the continual application of dermal fillers, or who do not see a big enough effect from fillers alone, a lip lift surgery may also be a suitable option.

What Types Of Lip Lift Procedures Are Available?

There are many different types of lip lift procedures available and they vary according to the area of skin and tissue that will be removed and thus the extent of lifting that can be achieved. Each liplift surgery will have different aesthetic outcomes based on the location of the incision, but popular target areas include the upper lip and the corners of the mouth.

Your consultant will discuss your treatment options with you during your initial consultation and recommend the most suitable procedure based on your individual needs and expectations.

Does A Lip Lift Hurt?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that can be performed under local anaesthetic, with or without sedation. The procedure itself will be painless but patients can experience a mild level of pain or discomfit during the recovery period. A certain degree of swelling and bruising may also occur post-treatment. When the procedure is performed with a high level of skill and precision, however, this is kept to a minimum.

How Long Is The Recovery After Lip Lift Treatment?

A lip lift is a simple day case procedure that takes approximately one hour to complete. Patients can expect to be on their way home typically 30 minutes after the surgery. There may be a mild level of discomfort, with noticeable bruising and swelling in the first few days post-treatment. Patients typically wait 3-7 days until swelling has subsided before returning to work. Computer use is not restricted, however, so home office work may be a suitable option, where applicable.

Will There Be Any Scarring From Liplift Surgery?

A successful lip lift surgery should only result in minimal scarring that artfully follows the natural lines or creases of the nose or upper lip. The high level of skill and precision of our aesthetic surgeons at Neo Clinic ensure any scars present will be subtle and remain imperceptible at conversational distance.

Procedure Overview

  • Permanently elevate and enhance the appearance of the lips
  • Surgical reduction in the space between the top lip and nose with minimal scarring
  • “Lunchtime procedure” with treatment lasting approximately one hour
  • Typical recovery period 3-7 days
  • Performed by highly skilled specialists in plastic surgery

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