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Nose Treatments

The nose is a prominent and defining feature of the face. Visual irregularities and asymmetry, whether the result of genetics, physical injury or illness, can be obvious and distracting. With the skill and expertise of our top cosmetic surgeons, imperfections of the nose can be corrected using both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures or with a nose treatment. The nose can be reshaped and reconstructed in a variety of ways, including nose straightening, width reduction, radix correction (correction of the bump near the top of the nose) and tip reduction or rotation.

Patients who undergo nose procedures at our clinic will often see signficant improvements in their levels of self-esteem, and walk away with a new, more positive self-image.  As with all our procedures at Neo, when it comes to either surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty, we approach each procedure through the eyes of our patients. Proportion is key to achieving aesthetically pleasing results and our aim is to stay aligned with your own natural features. With our highly skilled surgeons, a change of even just a few millimetres can create a uniform, more aligned appearance that can have life-changing outcomes.



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