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Our mission at NEO Health Clinic is to help you improve every aspect of your Well-being. We passionately believe that even the smallest of changes can bring about huge improvements in how you live, and how feel about your life, yourself and others.

NEO Health Clinic is delighted to introduce you to our Resident Well-being and Appearance Counsellor


Amber is passionate about working collaboratively with you to improve your emotional and psychological Well-being to compliment your treatments at NEO Health Clinic.

Amber brings with her a wealth of experience and creativity, a warm and committed approach and a non-judgemental attitude of care and understanding. She believes that in an ideal world we would all value and take care of our mental and emotional health in the same way we look after our education and bodies.

Here at NEO Health Clinic, we can give you that opportunity for holistic self-care and growth.

Amber is here to help you and will give you a unique and confidential space where you can work on all aspects of your emotional and psychological health, so that you can find greater balance and clarity in your life and greater wider happiness.

We know that valuing yourself on the inside can only enhance your outer radiance

Increasingly there is a greater universal understanding that you don’t have to be in crisis to have therapy. At NEO Health Clinic we want to give you a dedicated and nurturing space where you can explore your inner world, to benefit your outer world and your relationship with the people and things in it that you love and value most.

Making the decision to commit to your inner growth and your emotional health is an important step towards caring for yourself holistically and totally and making the most of what life has to offer.

Talking Therapy can help you by giving you the insight, resilience and self-compassion so that you can flourish to the best of your ability and unique circumstances.

Healthy self-love

Giving yourself a precious and regular hour in your schedule which you can dedicate to reflecting on your feelings, your values and the unique things which bring meaning and joy to your life can give you a new perspective.

This is where old patterns can be explored and changed, old hurts and fears can be processed and worked through, and where you can heal, grow and connect to a new sense of self-confidence and acceptance, and to new dreams.

Talking Therapy can look at any area of your life that you want to focus on.

Amber works with adults of all ages and walks of life and is passionate about how Talking Therapy can be a powerful tool for change. She will work collaboratively with you to focus on areas in your life which you want to explore, process and improve on. She believes that you have the power within you to find your own answers and to curate a life which is fulfilling to you.

It is all about your Body Image

As an Appearance Counsellor, Amber specialises in issues relating to your feelings about your body image

Neo Health Clinic offer a wide range of specialist treatments to enhance your skin and your confidence to help you feel like your best self.

Having a healthy body image is an essential part of your Well-being. We know that behind every treatment is a unique story and feelings about your body. Body image is a defining aspect of who we are and is formed from a very young age and shaped throughout our lives by our family, our relationships, subtle messaging from advertising and social media and our unique experiences.

We are often unaware of the deeper reasons why we feel the way we do about our bodies. Exploring and understanding these influences can be liberating and powerful and can help us reframe the way we feel about our appearance and the significance we attach to it.

Your Well-being Exploration session can help you understand yourself more, so you can be more accepting and compassionate about yourself and celebrate your uniqueness. It can also help you determine what is right for you so that you can feel confident that your expectations are realistic and that you are having treatment for the right reasons.

Amber has worked with patients undergoing the full portfolio of non-surgical and cosmetic procedures in a range of London clinics for over 15 years. She feels very privileged to have gained such a unique and in- depth understanding of the procedures, motivations and feelings of patients, making her uniquely- positioned as a therapist to support you in your journey.

If you are considering a non-surgical enhancement or one of our specialised cosmetic surgery procedures, a one -off session with Amber is a gateway to exploring your feelings and expectations and what your appearance means to you.

This is an opportunity to create a space where you can consider your relationship with your body, away from familial, cultural, religious and societal influences and the pressures of social media. This can also help you work out what is the right course of action or decision for you when it comes to having treatment.

Mid to long-term Talking Therapy

Reconnecting to what nourishes and fulfils you

Talking Therapy can be healing and empowering. The demands of life can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself and others. It is easy to lose contact with the very things that nourish you and give you meaning.

Having the opportunity to explore your values and purpose as well as processing your vulnerabilities and fears can give you a stronger sense of identity and increase your wider happiness. This can make a noticeable difference to how you feel on the inside and how you behave and interact on the outside.

Working through old hurt can create a brighter future

There are times in life where you can sense that your relationships and patterns of relating are being affected by the events and experiences of your past. Mid to -Long term therapy can will give you the space and safety to process these experiences and explore your feelings and any self-doubt or anxiety which you are carrying with you.

Amber will be there for you if you have old hurt or unresolved pain that you want to look at and work through so that you can heal and feel more positive about your life in the present and the future.

You don’t have to face these things alone. Having the safe and supportive space to talk about them with somebody you can trust and at the pace you are comfortable with can be transformational and help you to move forwards with more positivity.

This is a great question. Coaching and therapy are very different. Coaching focuses on the present and your aims for achieving certain outcomes in the future. Whereas therapy is a deeper exploration of your unique set of life experiences and the societal, cultural and familial influences which have shaped your values, responses and feelings about yourself and others and the world. Through Talking Therapy you can unravel feelings, evaluate your perspective and identify new ways of being in the future.

The healing effects of trusting in another human being who is there for you in a non-judgmental way and who believes in your ability to find your own answers can be life-enhancing and life-changing.

Amber will listen to you and give you the time to talk, reflect, be angry, laugh or cry. By getting in touch with your feelings and by processing your experiences and emotions in a safe and confidential space, you begin the process of unlocking yourself so that you can move forwards with new energy.

Bottling up problems and suppressing your real feelings can make everything seem so much worse. Over time you will hopefully develop a trusting relationship your therapist and be able to open up and work through your problems and feelings. The right Talking Therapy can give you the opportunity to understand yourself, and to look at your problems from a new perspective, putting you in the driving seat for changes you want to make and the direction you want to take.

Your relationship with your therapist is different from any other relationship you will have.  Your therapist is invested in you without having ulterior motives or being influenced by other people in your life. This is a warm and professional relationship based on respect,  acceptance and a belief in your intrinsic ability to help yourself.

Your therapist is invested in you and your process of self-discovery and growth and will be there with you in both your ‘light-bulb’ moments of insight, as well as moments of sadness or darkness, accompanying you on your journey to the light and future.

We will start with an initial complimentary 15-minute phone call to see if we can work together to achieve your goals. After this we will book six sessions and have a review of your progress on the 6th session. It might be that you have achieved what you wanted from your therapy and our sessions will come to a natural end. Or you might want to work deeper and explore other areas of your life and go on to have regular weekly sessions in mid or long-term therapy together.

Your initial 15-minute telephone consultation is complimentary. Sessions are £150 and can be booked at reception as one-off sessions, or blocks of six sessions. Amber will then be in touch with you directly to book your first session from there.

As an Integrative Counsellor Amber offers mid to long-term Talking Therapy for a range of issues and has a special interest in the following areas:

  • helping you with life transitions and changes
  • helping you identify your unmet needs
  • helping you put healthy boundaries in place
  • supporting you with your feelings around divorce, family and relationship issues
  • supporting you with parenting issues
  • Improving your confidence and self-esteem
  • Working through any procrastination, perfectionism or self-doubt which might be holding you back
  • Re-discovering and exploring what gives your life meaning
  • Helping you identify areas of change in your life and supporting you to implement these
  • Strengthening your sense of self and helping you access your full potential
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Processing old hurts and making space for new ways of being in the present and future
Psychotherapy session, woman talking to his psychologist in the studio

We believe that Talking Therapy needs to be flexible to fit into your daily life. Whilst it does need to be regular, it can take place face to face, online or over the telephone. Amber can discuss options with you at your initial complimentary 15-minute phone call.

This is a one-off face to face session with our Resident Appearance Counsellor at our flagship clinic at 152 Harley Street to connect in with yourself and your relationship with your Body Image, which can be revitalising. This might lead to a voyage of self-discovery you might decide to explore the roots of your Body Image in more detail and book a course of 6 sessions or more.

Your initial Well-being session is £250 and is booked for an hour. Further sessions last 50 minutes and are charged at £150.

Well-being exploration sessions are  your journey of discovery and you are in the driving seat. There are no limits to what you might like to explore about yourself. During the initial session we can work together to define your goals, and depending on what you seek to achieve will determine how many sessions you need.

"I am new to the clinic and when I saw that Talking Therapy was on offer I signed up straight away. I’d been waiting for the right moment to arrange some sort of counselling and having my Talking Therapy booked as part of my Wellbeing package was just brilliant for me. I have started online sessions and am getting so much out of it already."

"I’ve always felt self- conscious about my face. My friends don’t get what I am worried about at all. But all my life I’ve felt like I have a funny face and hidden it with lots of make -up to feel better about myself. Whilst having my regular anti-ageing treatments I saw that Amber offers body image counselling and decided to give it a go. I had 6 sessions with Amber, which were surprisingly revelatory. She helped me unravel the underlying roots of my feelings of shame about my face, which ran far deeper than I had ever realised from when I was a child. Amber was with me every step of the way and took my feelings seriously. It was so good to be heard. I feel sad that I rejected a part of me which is actually pretty wonderful in its own special way. Thank you for being there and helping me love myself more."

"I always thought I was really self-aware and in touch with myself and prided myself on this. When life dealt me a massive blow from out of the blue it was like being physically struck down. I realised I was out of my depth after a few months of crying and feeling utterly lost, my friend suggested I speak to Amber. Talking Therapy has been an amazing journey of self- discovery. I spent weeks crying and feeling angry, in a way I could not be with my friends. It was just too raw to go there with them. I had to preserve myself in the real world to get through my days. But in therapy with Amber I could let go completely. I have started the journey of putting myself back together in a new way with her support. Three months in I am starting to emerge as a stronger version of myself. It’s been hard at times, but so worth it. In a weird way I am almost thankful that life brought me to the point where I stopped, took stock and really got to know and trust myself. I could not have done this without the support and genuine care and belief I felt from Amber in our sessions. I am so thankful for everything I have discovered and to her for being there."


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