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The Prodigy Peel is a type of chemical peel which works to effectively exfoliate the skin to combat a variety of different skin concerns including ageing, acne and hyperpigmentation. During a chemical peel, the formula works to carry our controlled micro-damage to the skin encouraging the body’s natural healing process to be conducted which will lead to increased production of collagen and stimulates the production of renewed skin leading to a more rejuvenated complexion. 

The Prodigy Peel is a Jessner Peel and is therefore categorised by its ability to break down the surface layer of the skin allowing the body to remove cells on the surface layer of the skin and initiate the healing process of the skin allowing a renewed layer of the skin to come to the surface. Jessner Peels such as the Prodigy Peel effectively focus on the upper/middle layers of the skin without leading to excessive downtime which can be necessary following deeper chemical peels. These types of peels usually tent to carry less risks too as they refrain from penetrating the deeper layers of the skin and instead offer a safer yet effective option for skin rejuvenation.  

There are two different systems of Prodigy Peels, these are known as the P2 System and the P3 System. The P2 System concentrates on the upper layers of the skin and are usually used to target mild pigmentation concerns or mild to moderate cases of acne for example as they only penetrate the upper layer of the skin. Due to the innovative technology use in the Prodigy Peel systems, the P2 formula decreases the chance of pigment irregularities post treatment. The P2 system involves the combination of resorcinol, lactic acid salicylic acid and citric acid. This treatment is used to target more mild to moderate skin conditions rather than those slightly more severe which would require the Pro P3 system. As a result of this, the P2 system is known as a smoothing, rejuvenating and preventative treatment. 

The P3 System works to penetrate slightly deeper layers of the skin and is more popular to combat concerns with ageing or fine lines/wrinkles. The Pro P3 System involves the combination of resorcinol, lactic acid and salicylic acid. As a result, this allows an enhanced chemical peel which effectively works on the superficial to medium-depth layers of the skin. As a result of this the Pro P3 system is known as a resurfacing, clarifying and brightening treatment. The Pro P3 System is slightly more intense than the P2 system and therefore it is usually recommended for those with significant skin laxity, bad acne and more intense pigmentation problems.  

The Prodigy Peel is known as one of the most effective chemical peels to treat a wide variety of concerns with the skin. The formula consists of extremely pure ingredients which are more effective in combatting issues in the skin, ensuring optimal results. All ingredients included in the Prodigy Peel not only ensure the formula is extremely effective, but they also ensure that the skin resurfaces and regenerates, ensuring the best possible results are achieved.  

After your Prodigy Peel treatment you will also receive a home care kit.

A Prodigy Peel can be an effective treatment for a variety of different skin concerns. The Prodigy Peel may be the chosen treatment for those suffering from acne, dull skin, fine lines and wrinkes or other pigment concerns. It is a very versatile treatment and can be popular amongst all age groups for different skin problems. Additionally, there are 2 systems of the Prodigy Peel and therefore it can penetrate different depths of the skin in order to effectively combat a variety of issues evident at different skin layers.  

During a Prodigy Peel, your specialist will initially apply the Prodigy Prep toner which contains Witch Hazel, an effective ingredient to reduce redness and swelling. Following this, one to three applications of the Prodigy Peel will be applied to the skins surface and allowed to penetrate the skins surface, beginning the resurfacing process.  

Despite both the P2 system and the Pro P3 system being forms of Prodigy Peel, these systems work to treat different depths of the skin and therefore address different concerns. Both peels incorporate resorcinol, lactic acid and salicylic acid. However, the Pro P3 system includes an advanced from of salicylic acid which works effectively to penetrate a deeper level of the skin, encouraging cell renewal at a deeper level than can be done in the P2 system. The P2 system is known as a smoothing, rejuvenating and preventative treatment whereas, the P3 system is acknowledged as a resurfacing, clarifying and brightening treatment. 

Procedure Overview

  • Chemical peel which works to combat a variety of different skin concerns  
  • Micro-damage caused by the Prodigy Peel encourages healing in the skin 
  • Type of Jessner peel 
  • Two different types of systems; P2 and P3 
  • P2 focuses on the upper layers of the skin 
  • P3 focuses on the deeper layers of the skin and so is more suited for more serious concerns  
  • Following treatment skin may be sore, red and tender 
  • IS Clinical SHEALD recovery balm is reccommended post treatment  
  • Takes 45 minutes to complete treatment  
Woman with left hand on her face and looking at the camera. Cropped image focused on her face

Following a Prodigy Peel, your skin is likely to be quite swollen and potentially irritated as a result of the resurfacing nature of the treatment. During the first few days post treatment it will be important to avoid intense sunlight as the skin will be more susceptible to burning and sun damage. Makeup and skincare should also be avoided until around 24 hours post treatment. The IS Clinical SHEALD recovery balm is a fantastic product to apply post treatment and will ensure optimal recovery.  

Prodigy Peels, like any other chemical peels may lead to some slight discomfort. The ingredients in these peels stimulate exfoliation and skin resurfacing and so there may be some slightly tingling and burning felt during treatment but this should not be intense. 

A Prodigy Peel takes around 45 minutes to complete. 

Post Prodigy Peel you will receive a Home Care Kit. This kit includes the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, the iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF30 and the iS Clinical Sheald Recovery Balm.

"I recently visited the clinic at 152 Harley Street for advice on how to make my skin fresher & more youthful. My appointment was with the aesthetic nurse Jo who was amazing and has given me great advice and a treatment plan for the coming weeks. I had my first treatment yesterday and the results are amazing! Thank you."

"Nurse Jo is absolutely amazing. She is very caring and takes a lot of pride in her work. I felt very comfortable with her as she explained the best treatments and products for me. I had Potenza, micro-needling with meso, and hydrafacials, and I saw immediate improvements to my skin. The results were incredible, and I couldn't be happier. She is one of London’s best… if not the best. Highly recommended."

"My skin felt great after the facial. It was hydrated and glowing and the texture of my skin also seemed to have improved. The facial itself was very relaxing and soothing! "


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