Treatments/Obagi OBSERV 520x

The Obagi OBSERV 520x is an advanced skin analysis system which works to effectively inform our specialists about your skin. The OBSERV 520x provides an accurate diagnosis of skin conditions at both the epidermal and dermal layer.  

There are 10 different observation modes which are used to completely analyse your skin health at all layers of the skin. This in-depth review of the skin allows both you and our specialists to be informed about your skin health and be aware of any irregularities that may be present. Following this, any necessary treatment can be recommended and discussed to best return the skin to a healthy balance.  

The OBSERV 520X has 10 different observation modes: 

  • Daylight – this controlled environment presents the skin as it would be seen in a natural daylight environment  
  • Surface texture – this displays the skin’s textural topography  
  • Pigmentation – this highlights and brings attention to a variety of skin tone irregularities such as sun damage, pigmentation 
  • Vascularity – this shows the network of microvascular structures in the skin that cause redness and face flushing 
  • Parallel Polarised – this provides a magnified view of the of the skin’s surface, any fine lines, wrinkles, different textures and pores 
  • Cross Polarised – provides an unobstructed view of dermal structures, vascular conditions, any inflammation and any pigmentation by suppressing surface shine  
  • True UV – this created distinguishable fluorescent patterns in order to expose abnormalities on both the surface layer of the skin and the deeper layers   
  • Simulated Woods Light – this works to reveal diagnostic dimensions including skin oiliness and dehydration by adjusting the spectrum of light on the skin 
  • 360 Light – this allows us to understand the volume present in the face to advise specialists on whether age management treatments or dermal fillers can be recommended 
  • 360 Grey – this reveals topographical signs of ageing by removing any colour distractions  

To redeem your complimentary OBSERV 520x skin analysis, simply call our enquiries specialists at +44(0) 207 467 3003 or email at [email protected].

The OBSERV 520x allows us to provide a much more accurate and beneficial treatment plan which is personalised to each individual patient’s skin. In addition, it allows us to see visually how different treatments are benefitting the skin with a follow up observation. 

Procedure Overview

  • The OBSERV 520x is a skin analysis machine which ensures a complete skin observation 
  • The technology can reach all layers of the skin to give an extremely accurate observation 
  • 10 different observation modes to give a rounded skin report  
  • Allows a personalised and tailor-made plan for each client on how best to improve and enhance their skin  
  • Provides a more accurate and beneficial treatment plan for each client  

The OBSERV 520x is an innovative technology which allows each individual client to visually understand their skin and any issues they may have. With 10 different observation modes, the OBSERV 520x ensures the most in-depth and informative review of all layers of the skin. Following this thorough observation, one of our NEO Health Clinic practitioners will be able to provide you with a personalised treatment plan to address the highlighted issues. This accurate plan ensures only the necessary path of treatment is advised 

"Nurse Jo is amazing. The results from the treatments she has recommended to me are significant and I am delighted."

"I recently visited the clinic at 152 Harley Street for advice on how to make my skin fresher & more youthful. My appointment was with the aesthetic nurse Jo who was amazing and has given me great advice and a treatment plan for the coming weeks. I had my first treatment yesterday and the results are amazing! Thank you."

"My skin felt great after the facial. It was hydrated and glowing and the texture of my skin also seemed to have improved. The facial itself was very relaxing and soothing! "


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