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Elements Fusion Facial | Hydrafacial and iS Clinical Fire & Ice Peel

The key to a fantastic complexion is building a skincare regime with complementary products and treatments. We’ve taken most of the guesswork out of facials, combining two popular treatments into one powerful, results-driven treatment. The Elements Fusion facial is an innovative treatment that offers the benefits of two facials in one, using pharmaceutical-grade products that deliver immediate results.

This treatment incorporates the Hydrafacial’s patented pain-free pore extraction technique with iS Clinical’s potent plant-derived ingredients to reveal a brighter, decongested, smoother complexion. The Elements Fusion facial is perfect for patients who want a quick procedure that instantly revitalises their skin.


What is an Elements Fusion Facial?

Combining both Hydrafacial technique and IS Clinical pharmaceutical-grade products, the Elements Fusion facial is a uniquely luxurious facial treatment delivering immediate results. This treatment incorporates the Hydrafacial’s patented extraction technique with iS Clinical’s powerful products to reveal fresher, decongested skin and a smoother complexion.

The hour-long facial restores a youthful glow to the complexion by removing surface damage, replenishing the skin with antioxidants, and stimulating collagen production through red LED light.


What Are The Benefits Of This Facial Treatment?

The Elements Fusion facial delivers a whole host of benefits in just one visit. By deeply cleansing the pores and removing surface damage, the treatment revitalises the skin, delivering a cleaner, brighter complexion. The facial also nourishes the skin with antioxidants, while red LED light stimulates the production of youth-restoring collagen. The result is a tighter, fresher, and more luminous complexion.


Is This Facial Treatment Painful?

The Elements Fusion treatment is a very gentle, non-invasive procedure that is generally quite relaxing. Patients may feel a mild tugging from the pore extraction during the hydrafacial, but it won’t cause any pain.  Unlike other skin resurfacing techniques, there is no need for needles, injectables, lasers or harsh abrasives.

The use of iS Clinical’s soothing, naturally-derived products replenishes the skin with antioxidants, soothing, cooling, and nourishing the skin following the Hydrafacial. The non-invasive, gentle approach nature of the treatment also makes it ideal for delicate areas, such as around the eyes and neck.


Can an Elements Fusion Facial Treatment Treat Acne?

When incorporated regularly into your skincare regime, the Elements Fusion facial is a particularly effective treatment for managing and preventing acne and breakouts. The vacuum technology used during the Hydrafacial physically draws out whiteheads and blackheads to unblock pores. After this, the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant-infused iS Clinical products provide a deep cleanse, not comparable to any manual technique.


Who is Suitable for the Hydrafacial and iS Clinical Products Fusion Facial Treatment?

Due to its mild, non-invasive, non-abrasive technology, the Elements Fusion facial can be used on all skin types, including sensitive and ageing skin. With zero downtime, an Elements Fusion facial is becoming a popular quarterly treatment for those who to maintain year-round glow. We do not recommend the treatment for patients who are suffering from active rashes and skin infections or those with sunburnt skin.


Who will perform this Fusion Facial Treatment?

At NEO Health Clinic, all of our skincare treatments are performed by well-trained, highly skilled aestheticians. The health of your skin is important and how it’s treated and cared for should be a priority.

We will analyse the condition and general health of your skin during your initial consultation. A bespoke treatment plan will then be created to revitalise and refresh your skin in a way that is best suited to your skin type, your lifestyle and your personal preferences and expectations.

Procedure Overview

  • The ultimate facial combining the effects of a hydrafacial and IS Clinical medical grade cosmeceuticals
  • Hydrafacial uses non-inasive technology to perform deep exfoliating cleanse of the skin
  • IC Clinical naturally derived products replenish the skin
  • Resurfaces and renews the skin, improving texture and fine lines
  • Performed by highly trained aesthetic nurses

"I have had the two treatments of Profhilo as recommended and I have been delighted with the results. I will definitely be retuning for a booster treatment when necessary."

"I recently attended NEO Health for a Fire and Ice facial, the service I received was great from start to finish and all steps were explained prior to going ahead. The facial itself was very relaxing and took place within a lovely environment. Keep up the good work! "

"My skin felt great after the facial. It was hydrated and glowing and the texture of my skin also seemed to have improved. The facial itself was very relaxing and soothing! "


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