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Dermal Filler for Jawline

Cheek and lip augmentation using dermal fillers are popular options to enhance the face. However, the facial definition that can be achieved when contouring the jaw is often overlooked. The jaw filler procedure, also known as non-surgical jaw enhancement or mandible augmentation, uses dermal fillers to create shape and definition. This non-invasive approach provides subtle yet natural contouring of the chin and jaw area and can give a striking balance for those with high cheekbones and a dominate mid-face area.


How Can Jawline Filler Treatment Enhance The Jaw?

The smallest amount of volume can have dramatic effects on the jawline structure when applied with the right techniques. The angles of the lower face can be sharpened and sculpted at various target points, especially through jaw filler treatment. Increasing the elasticity of the skin and plumping targeted areas of the face can also provide dramatic structural changes by reducing the appearance of jowls and increasing jawbone definition.

The following areas are popular targets for jaw and chin filler treatments:

Improving The Shape Of The Jawline

The jaw can be given a more oval or square shape with strategic injection of jawline fillers. The appearance of jowls can also be reduced by injecting filler in the dimples of area between the chin and the jowls to create a more uniform edge.

Improving The Shape Of The Chin

A pointy or pronounced chin can be recontoured with chin fillers to reduce prominence in the face. Chins that are set too far back or ill-defined can be brought forward with jaw filler treatment directly in this area, sharpening the roundness of the lower face and creating a longer, more youthful appearance.

Improving The Appearance Of The Chin

Chin dimples can be filled and creases and lines around the lower area of the face smoothed with filler. A double chin can also be masked by targeting the tightening of sagging skin and bringing out the definition of the jawbone.

Sharpening Mandible Angles

The angles of the lower part of the jaw carries most of the weight for jawline definition. Asymmetry across the jaw can be corrected with jaw filler and the angle of the jaws sharpened.

Complementary Cheeks Fillers

Patients receiving dermal jaw fillers may also benefit from combining other filler treatment areas such as the cheeks or nose. This creates more harmonization of the face and achieves balanced contouring.

For those with a strong jaw who are looking to soften it or seeking relief from clenched teeth or Bruxism, grinding of the teeth, muscle relaxing injections using Botox may be beneficial.

Will Jaw Filler Look Natural?

Our surgeons have an impeccable eye for detail and each application will be tailored to suit the individual build and structure of each patient. Jaw fillers will also be injected according to the natural contouring and dimensions of the face. The gel-like consistency of dermal fillers used in jaw augmentation, ensure the enhancements will have a natural look and feel, and natural expressions, for example when laughing or smiling, are maintained.

How Long Will The Results of Jawline Filler Last?

The longevity of jaw fillers depends on the type of filler selected for use. Juvederm and Restlyane are typical examples of dermal fillers used and have a lifespan of approximately 12-18 months. After this time the body will have sufficiently broken down the filler. For long-lasting results regular top-up treatments can be planned.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Jawline Filler?

Men or women with a weak jaw and who are looking for non-surgical ways to add definition, may benefit from jaw or chin filler. Jaw fillers can only add-on to the existing structure of the jaw. A reduction in the size of the jaw is therefore only possible with surgery.

In addition, chin filler is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women, those with an autoimmune disease or those with acute infections or inflammation of the skin.

Chin Filler Treatment / Jawline Filler Treatments Procedure Overview


• Minimally invasive, long-lasting augmentation of the jawline and chin

• Improve the balance of the face and create jaw definition for a weak jawline

• Safe and effective cosmetic treatment with immediate results

• High quality fillers with well-established safety profile

• Performed by highly skilled specialist in plastic surgery

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