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Lip Mesotherapy Treatment – Meso Lip

The Lip Mesotherapy treatment, also known as Meso Lip, is the perfect option for those wanting healthier, plump lips without using volumising dermal fillers.

Using specialised mesotherapy techniques applied directly to the lips, you can get a hydrating boost with results visible after just one session.


What Is Lip Mesotherapy?

Meso Lip is a special take on the rejuvenating mesotherapy technique, that is designed specifically for the lips. Using microinjections of a customisable cocktail of vitamins, nutrients, essential minerals and other hydrating agents, the lips are given a rejuvenating boost. Improvements in the colour, texture, hydration and overall condition of the lips is seen from just one treatment. A subtle boost in volume is also achieved due to the rehydrating effect of Hyaluronic Acid used in the cocktail.

Why Do Lips Need Special Attention?

The skin on the lips is very delicate with a thin protective layer of skin. Even those that have a strict skincare routine for the face, can easily forget to focus on the lips individually. Lacking sebaceous glands as well as melanin pigments, the lips have no built in UV protection and so are particularly vulnerable to dehydration and sun damage.

Lips are also particularly more vulnerable to the weather than other areas of the body. Lip balms unfortunately only offer short-term relief. A regular lip treatment is therefore vital for healthy, plump lips.

What Are The Benefits Of Lip Mesotherapy Treatment?

Everyone’s skin is unique and therefore should also be treated that way. Our expert dermatologist will assess the condition of your lips and create a bespoke mesotherapy cocktail filled with the specific vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your lips will need. This ensures the treatment is targeted to your skin type and health to get maximal benefits.

Fine lines and wrinkles around the lip boarder can also addressed directly with lip mesotherapy around the skin of the mouth. This not only improves overall hydration levels but boosts the collagen production and elasticity of the skin around the mouth creating a more defined boarder and giving the lips a natural contour.

What Can I Expect With The Procedure?

The Meso Lip treatment lasts approximately 15-30 minutes and involves application of the bespoke serum directly beneath the skin. This can be either direct, with small injections to the skin of the lip boarder, or by combining the treatment with the Dermapen. The Dermapen is an automatic microneedling device, that creates microchannels in the skin. When run across the body of the lips, the serums that are applied can penetrate deeper into these microchannels, enabling maximum absorption of the products.

Does Lip Mesotherapy Hurt?

The microneedles used with mesotherapy are very fine and discomfort or pain is therefore only minimal. For some, it can feel like a scratch with a slight stinging and redness. A topical local anaesthetic or numbing cream can be applied to reduce discomfort. The bespoke ingredients used in the serum will also be suited to your skin type reducing the risk of reaction or irritation.

When Can I Expect To See The Results?

A vibrant, rejuvenating boost in the appearance of the lips can be seen from as little as one treatment. However, we recommend a treatment plan of 3 procedures at 3 week intervals for maximum effect. After the initial treatment, maintenance procedures can be performed once or twice a year to ensure long-lasting results.

Procedure Overview


• Healthier, plump lips without volumising fillers

• Improve appearance of fine lines around the lip boarder

• Immediate results from just one session, full treatment plan 4-6

• No downtime, lunchtime rejuvenation procedure

• Performed by specialists in dermatology & plastic surgery

"I have had the two treatments of Profhilo as recommended and I have been delighted with the results. I will definitely be retuning for a booster treatment when necessary."

"I recently attended NEO Health for a Fire and Ice facial, the service I received was great from start to finish and all steps were explained prior to going ahead. The facial itself was very relaxing and took place within a lovely environment. Keep up the good work! "

"My skin felt great after the facial. It was hydrated and glowing and the texture of my skin also seemed to have improved. The facial itself was very relaxing and soothing! "


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