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Body Treatments

Throughout the years, the appearance of your body can be a source of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Unwanted changes brought on by weight fluctuations, pregnancy or ageing, as well as physical abnormalities as a result of injury or congenital disorders can negatively affect body confidence and self-esteem levels to the point of needing to seek a form of body treatment.

NEO Health Clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic body treatments to contour, reshape and correct the proportions of our bodies.  From pioneering, non-surgical techniques targeting fat and cellulite, to traditional surgical procedures such as breast augmentations and aesthetic gynaecology, our first-class body treatments can improve and enhance the overall appearance of your body 

Each bespoke body treatment plan is centred around the desires and needs of you as an individual patient. Having a broad team of in-house specialists here at NEO Health Clinic ensures an expert in the field will always be with you to work on your targeted area of concern.  

Whether your focus is on your stomach, hips, arms or skin, our expert consultants are ready to help you achieve your ultimate body sculpting goals. Book an initial consultation now to discuss how one of our custom body treatment plans can help boost your self-esteem and lead to a new, body confident you. 

Body Fat Sculpting

Cosmetic Gynaecology

Surface Rejuvenation


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